360 Steel making

The very future of the Steel industry in UK is a pretty hot topic at the moment with thousands of jobs at stake. Before SSI steel closed in Hartlepool I was lucky enough to shoot a 360 panorama inside the steel works of steel being cast. The heat was so intense it really is difficult to convey just how hot it was(made all the more unbearable by the thick wool safety clothing we had to wear, the plastic surfaces on the camera were getting  tacky and the cables were becoming worryingly 'floppy'. When the steel was poured it was like a very intense firework display with the team taking refuge to avoid sparks. If you want to get some sort of idea what a steel works is like you should take a look at 'The Big melt' a steel museum just off the M1 near Sheffield. Here is hoping that the rest of the Steel industry in the UK does not end up being and industrial/ heritage museum.