4k, 6k, 8k - The race for resolution that few will ever see.

It is interesting at the moment to see camera manufacturers chasing ever higher resolution. In some ways you cannot really blame them.

After all how do you justify a higher price tag and keep out selling the competition?

Red seem to be leading the way with resolution in the shape of the Dragon which made a big deal of 6k and the Weapon (don't get me started on THAT name..) which sports 8k resolution.

Never mind 6k and 8k, I have to admit I had been sceptical about 4K until I shot the Sony A7S promo video with Den Lennie, that experience did convince me however that 4K is here, right now and it gives remarkable quality.

But what advantage does venturing North of 4K give the viewer?

I took a trip to John Lewis with my son Sam the other day and we marvelled at the output on some of the massive TV screens, I don't really watch much television but it made me want to buy a new 4k TV.

As Sam and I wandered round the corner from the amazing array of televisions running specially shot 4k trailers I saw a coupe of big name TVs showing daytime TV put out by terrestrial broadcasters.

The down sampled output on a 4K TV was erm.....less than good and the reality of what most of us would end up actually seeing was disappoints to say the least.

Which brings me onto the big screen.

Think 8K, 6K or even 4k will bring you a boost in quality when you head down your local multiplex?

Think again.

At BVE I was talking to a very well informed industry expert who explained exactly where you need to sit to get the best image quality down your local cinema.

Most cinemas he explained do not run 4K, and to get the best image quality you need to sit in the middle of the auditorium.

With 4K he explained, you would see a more quality but you would have to sit in the front 4 rows.

Food for thought.

All too often we shoot massive files without truly considering the output.

I'm shooting a ton of 360 videos at the moment and an output at full res will turn all but the most powerful computer into custard if you try to play it back.

I only possess one computer, a MacPro with more RAM and high powered graphics cards than you can shake a stick at, which will run 360 video and how many punters, or even media organisations out there have one of those?

We will get there with devices which run super high res videos but we have a little way to go before we are there.

Its all right having the resolution but it can be a little frustrating if few can see it.