Always be ready for that opportunist time-lapse

This was in no way at all planned.

Lucinda and I were having a spot of lunch when we saw the field at the back of our house bing ploughed.

I hesitated for a few moments then I thought it would be a great fun little time-lapse.

I dashed up stairs and worked out the framing to include more sky than foreground as the clouds were superb.

I set the Canon 5d MkII to small jpg, plugged in the TC-80N3, shooting a frame every 6 seconds on my Manfrotto MT057C3 with super stable MH057M0 ball head and let it run for 2 hours.

Oh, I forgot to mention I used a Lee Filter holder with a hard .6 ND Graduated filter on the sky.

I used a 24-105mm 'L'Series lens

It went quite well but I was a little disappointed with the colour so I adjusted the contrast and saturation on all 1500 ish images in Capture One Pro 6, just to make it 'Pop' a little more.

I then made a sequence in Quicktime Pro, and cut it together with this great piece of music by Douglas Black Heaton in FCP X.

Great music makes or breaks a video.

I'm quite pleased with it, as there has been quite a lot going on today in the office.

It goes to show if in doubt shoot it.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But the moment never comes again.