Class assignment Day 3

Day 3 with the class was always going to be interesting, and I wanted to stretch them a little by encouraging them to consider what they were shooting

The assignment I set was 'what would you like to change about your community'

This led to a very wide interpretation of the brief, covering subjects such as poor housing, leaking pipes, slow rubbish collection and illegal electricity connections with all of the multi colored cable coming down from the pylons, yes it is illegal but what would you do if your dwelling had no electricity.......?  Just think of inconvenient it is when we have only a very brief power cut at home of work

Once again this is a very quick edit of the highlights

Please let the class and I know what you think? I have been reading out the encouraging comments at the start of each day and they make a big difference, to know that one's work is being seen and appreciated by the wider world is powerful stuff indeed.

Fourth and final day to follow, along with my overall thoughts