Compact Elinchrom Quadra end cap by Les Wilson

I was going to blog a little more about Photokina but Photographer Les Wilson came round for a cup of tea and showed me a really great little mod he has made for his Elinchrom Quadra flash heads

When these Excellent heads first shipped for some inexplicable reason they had no protective cap(they now have a white plastic cover which goes over the reflector)

Now Les, a photographer who I worked alongside at the 'Sunday Telegraph' is a real 'doer' and has taken matters into his own hands and had these very cool end caps made out of tough plastic

This enables them to be packed very neatly into his small rucksack which he takes all over the world

Les with his bag
If you are interested Les is just planning a run of them right now and is selling them at £8 plus postage and packing
If you are interested please drop me a line and I will pass your details on