Focus on Imaging 2009

From Thailand to Birmingham....

I always enjoy 'Focus On Imaging'at the Birmingham NEC

It serves as a great barometer of the Photographic world, seeing new trends, which companies are on the way up and which ones are having a harder time in this current climate

Overall I got the feeling that the recession in the photographic world is not as bad as it could have been

Midway through the show I have been struck by what seems a renewed interest in RAW imaging solutions

I only say this as I have been presenting on the Microsoft and Phase One booths and I cannot recall seeing bigger crowds nor a bigger demand for trial software

I think it could be down to photographers wanting to explore other ways of processing RAW images, in search of higher quality and an improved workflow

At the Microsoft stand I have been showing stills from my latest 'Forest' shoot

And today I will be showing the video teaser too

So, here are a few of the stills....

I will save tech spec and chatter for another time as I'm dashing out of my Hotel for my first presentation of the day.....excuse me!