Fuji X100 v's FujiX100S focus comparison

This it must be said is far from scientific.
But watching the Fuji guy's hands on video of the Fuji X100S where they show off the focusing performance got me thinking.
How would the outgoing Fuji X100 perform in similar circumstances?
So I did my own little test video.
The camera was set to macro and I used the same target - a Fuji battery.
First the Fuji guys video
Then my own mini version with the outgoing X100.
The results are quite interesting in that though it does focus slower (by how much you will have to make your own mind up) than the X100S, it's performance is by no means awful.
Which just goes to show, though the performance figures for the X100S are very impressive, we really will have to wait until we get to use it in action before any firm conclusions can be reached.
I have no doubt the X100S will be an improvement, but by how much?
What this mini test DOES seem to confirm is that the modified response on the manual 'Focus by Wire' is a great improvement, the old one being erm, not quite so good.