How the C300 affects Hollywood and what it means to us.

New Year's start no better than this.

After eating the Turbot we picked up at Billingsgate and seeing in the New Year, we persuaded Rodney Charters, DP of '24' (not that he needed persuading) to have a chat on camera to talk about the Canon C300 and what the implications will be.

When watching the footage back I was struck by Rodney's candour and how this interview style chat has implications for all of us no matter what we shoot on.

As Bill Clinton once said 'Its the economy, stupid' this is a case of 'Its the story, stupid'

This video is the first of three.

Prepare to be inspired, and work out what your next project will be with your DSLR.

And why 8 bit with the Canon C300 is no handicap.....

Why you no longer need tons of lights to shoot a TV programme...

And much, much more.

I hope you enjoy watching this controversial video as much as we enjoyed making it.