Its Showtime!

Its that time of year again and I'm getting ready for the Photography Show, its going to be another packed event with lots happening this year not just for me personally but also in the wider world of photography. Come and see me on the Zeiss stand where I will be demonstrating their new and amazing Zeiss VR One headsets. I'm also hoping to be able to try out the incredible Otus lenses combined with the Canon 5DS. I'll be talking about the potential these remarkable lenses unlock from your digital 35mm SLR which funnily enough is the title of the talk I will be giving. Furthermore I'll be on the Manfrotto Stand where you can join me for my '5 Minute Portraits' demo. I'll be sharing some of my favourite techniques for those super fast shoots where your subject has less than no time. Enhancing your knowledge and giving you some invaluable tools to pull if off and come away with something you are proud of. If you're anywhere near the main stage on Monday afternoon come by and join me for my talk on 'Meeting The Mona Lisa' the documentary I produced and directed as part of my Descendants series, recreating the most famous painting in the world with her direct descendants - two Italian princesses. It could hardly be more action packed.

I'm looking forward to it.