Jeremy Clarkson and the American Immigration Officer

I'm in transit to SXSW being held in Austin,Texas where I'm speaking on a panel about 360 VR film making. When travelling to the USA I'm rightly or wrongly a little apprehensive about the immigration desk moment which greets media types as they enter the country, I mean we have all heard the horror stories of being turned back after being refused entry, right?

So the immigration officer asks me a few questions, it goes something like this:

Immigration Officer: What is your purpose of travel? Me: I'm a film maker traveling to SXSW.

Immigration officer: As you're a film maker you know what I'm going to ask you next, right?

Me:You are going to ask me if I'm going to be working while I'm in the USA?

Immigration Officer: No.

Me: Quizzical smile

Immigration officer: What is going on with Jeremy Clarkson, he didn't really hit anyone did he? I hope they don't take Top Gear off air.....

Love him or loathe him, it would seem that Jeremy Clarkson the most famous living Englishman at the moment.

I will keep you updated on my experiences at SXSW.