Location Lighting Workshop's in South Africa

While Katherine and I were down in South Africa we decided to put on a location lighting workshop for local Pro and keen amateur photographers

In some ways it seems like Apartheid has not ended, with far too few international photographers not coming over here and doing workshops

It was held at Little Stream, Constantia and it was a great success, I cannot think of a more picturesque setting for a workshop, nor one with as many possibilities for great location work at different times of the day.

If only this location was just round the corner it would be a firm favourite of mine

It was the a cool place for the delegates to get to grips with one of my firm favourites, the rugged and powerful Elinchrom Ranger, in fact we had 4 of them to play with along with a couple of Elinchrom Octa soft boxes

The workshop was organised by Werner Stadler and Vicky Kumm, but really would not have been possible without the support of Kevin Singer and Orms

Special mentions then to the model Wilmie Lubbe who tolerated my snake jokes as I asked her to stand in the undergrowth, and Liz from Singer who happily went along with my endless requests

Not forgetting the caterers Ingrid and her team from 'Relish Food' who have set the bar rather high in terms of workshop catering, a tough act to follow

So enjoy some of the work of Chris Cloete that he shot on the day

Who knows, if I get stuck here for too much longer with the Volcanic ash cloud hanging over the UK, I may even do another one......

Stop Press!!!!!! Stop Press!!!!!! Stop Press!!!!!! Stop Press!!!!!!

Thanks to the Volcanic activity I'm running another in Pretoria and Cape Town

Pretoria on Friday April the 30th has has just 2 places left

The HD Dslr movie class is filling fast on Thursday April the 29th

Cape Town on the Wednesday 28th April has a few places left, once again at the delightful location of Little Stream you can book here