Phase One IQ Far East tour-Kuala Lumpur

A super early run to the airport on mercifully deserted roads.
On the two-ish hour flight to Kuala Lumpur I thought I would have a crack at GoPro time lapse out of the window just for fun and it was really quite effective. I'm not quite sure how I pulled it off unhindered by cabin crew but they did not seem bothered.
GoPro=free timelapse fun.
The seminar was in a studio which was reminiscent of my old Docklands studio which I still miss, only quite a bit fancier.
It had a lovely open balcony which let me try out a 35 ISO, F2.8 flash shot, synchronised at 1/1600 sec, a combination which one cannot shoot with anything else but a Phase One IQ.
Here are some of the delegates I roped into assisting with the demo, putting lights over the edge of the balcony, with the key light over head.
During the live shoot demo I did a tighter shot and discovered that not only is the Phase One IQ180 capable of recording every bit of detail that the human eye can see but quite a bit that is not normally visible.
Like the printed pattern on contact lenses.

Truly remarkable.

Next top Singapore.......