'Photo Fairies' (Happy Accidents Episode 2)

I just remembered another episode from the 'Photo Fairies' files

I was commissioned to shoot Stephen Clark who holds the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Pumpkin carving

We photographed him on a Pumpkin farm in New York state

Once again it took an age getting all of the pumpkins into position and sorting the lighting out

We placed a strobe in each pumpkin head(as we simply did not have enough strobes we locked the camera down and did this in layers) lighting Stephen with an Elinchrom Ranger inside an Elinchrom Octor mounted on a boom, with two more Rangers shooting a loooooooong way back giving good cross lighting into the sea of pumpkins,triggered by Pocket Wizards

Shot at dusk so I could underexpose the ambient by just over a stop

On a Canon 1ds with 24 to 70 mm L series lens at 160TH sec F9

So where is the 'happy accident'?

Look closely to the right of the image and you will see it.

A cat crept into the shot (Not black, but you can't have everything!)

The client was not very keen on it but it is my favorite shot