'Quite Possibly The Best Two Days of Photography and Learning Ever'

Well I'm not quite sure about that guys! But you get the picture, it does sound VERY interesting!

The Flash Centre are having a two day course of Photo Festivities at Studely Castle near Birmingham

An interesting line up of experts including Bjorn Thomassen whom has taught me SO much.Big name in wedding photography Mike Larson....all this and surfing too. Peter Geller owner of California Sunbounce, winner of the World Press Photo, a man with a burning passion for photography (great bloke too!). Hopefully Jim Marks and Richard Jobson, movie director too.

Others too just check out the Flash Centre link

I would be going to this show even if I had not been invited.(I'm set to be there on the 3rd and for a little time on the morning of the 4th)

As it represents significantly GREAT value in these challenging times

One of the best things about events like this is to just hang out with other photographers at the bar, sharing ideas and techniques

Check it out