The Forest

Doom and gloom seems to everywhere one looks these days, world on the brink of an economic abyss and yet......and yet I cannot recall EVER feeling more optimistic and excited.

Why? Well I must admit I cannot really quite put my finger on it but the phone seems to be ringing off the wall these days with offers of more and more exciting projects

My work seems to be reaching a wider and more appreciative audience.

Interestingly I put this down to a couple of things

1. keeping the faith in your work

2. Making your dreams come true in Photographs, no matter how hard and painful it maybe

A little while ago I came up with the idea of one of my current projects ' The Forest'

It is a little too early to give away all of the goods behind the concept but it is based on beauty and how we respond to our environment

It is all self financed too

Every penny

Now I'm not loaded but I believe in chasing my visions, my dreams

To quote from the Great movie 'Ed Wood' starring Johnny Depp


Mr. Welles, is it all worth it?


It is when it works.
You know the one film of mine I can
stand to watch? "Kane." The studio
hated it... but they didn't get to
touch a frame.
(he smiles warmly)
Ed, visions are worth fighting for.
Why spend your life making someone
else's dreams?

I often think of this when I feel at a low ebb

Here is my favorite image(so far!)from the series

Titled 'Europa'

I had the idea sometime ago and I just could not bring all of the strands together to make it work

Small things like the Water Buffalo, Location ,Model etc.....

Essentially all in camera too (apart from a little tidying up, more of which in the DVD)

More than a photo fairy or two on set that day, we were blessed with perfect weather and clear skies which meant that I could rely on the sun do do its magic with 'my' smoke

I'm still using 4 strategically placed Elinchrom Ranger packs

Two for the model and buffalo,two for the forest scene to balance with the ambient light

I hope to be sharing all of this on a DVD which I will be releasing early 2009.

We ALL moan about not having the opportunities or the budget to make great photographs

Go create, enjoy and remember why you became a photographer in the first place