The iPad Air 2, more stuff to buy that you don't need, right?

ipad air 2Followers of this blog will perhaps know that I have an iPad 3. Always looking to not buy stuff that I don't need, I decided to skip any notions of an update.

I mean how different could an iPad be, where is the innovation?

Then my iPad 3 starters to behave very erratically, turning itself off(very annoying when watching a movie) and then being reluctant to switch on again, and generally being a bit slow.

So I decided with very little enthusiasm I had to press the button on a new iPad, so why not go for an iPad Air 2.

It arrived and I was pretty impressed by its weight or lack of it, and that it is markedly physically smaller than my iPad, Apple achieved this by making the bezel round the screen smaller.

Then I started to use it and noticed it was very zippy to use, the fingerprint recognition is more than useful, and for some reason it downloads media twice as fast as my old iPad too. if I were not so silly busy I would (perhaps) like to run some more comparisons with my old iPad but I'm not exactly sure where it is these days, that's how redundant it is.

The clever thing that Apple has done is to improve on something which I thought really did not need improving.

Another improvement over the my missing in action iPad 3 is battery life and charge time both of which make it a much more practical device.

For me it is yet another lesson in how fast technology is moving and how things are becoming dated much more quickly.

I saw a stat somewhere that the iPad Air 2 is as fast or faster than an Apple laptop from 2009.

I can well believe it.

Time marches on and I'm not suggesting that everyone goes out and buys the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out, but be aware that technology is moving at breakneck speed with photography becoming a key beneficiary from this, and as in any business it pays to keep your finger on the pulse so you don't get left behind.

Now where is that iPad 3?