The Passing of one of my very best friends

I meet lots of people.

But few of those leave a lasting and indelible mark on your life.

Clive Langford Mycock was one those truly very special people.

A dear, dear friend.

A giant of a man in every sense of the word, 6 feet 7 tall I think.

With a big heart and a generosity of spirit, even if some times he hid it, it was always there.

I would spend many hours with Clive cooking up with all sorts of crazy plans.

He was always open for a photographic adventure.

When I worked on the Sunday Telegraph, I was tasked with coming up with a photo to illustrate the snow which blanketed much of the UK around Christmas 2001.

We went up onto his farm in the beautiful Staffordshire moorland and rescued a sheep which was in a spot of bother, along with his favourite sheep dog 'Pip'

Appearances can be deceptive for the sheep was way heavier than it looked, so a testament to this mountain of a man's amazing strength.

It made the front page of the paper.

He was one of the most intelligent and worldly wise men I have ever had the privilege to have known.

So often he was the voice of the countryside, making many an appearance on the BBC, speaking up on all matters rural.

The world is smaller, quieter and less colourful without him.

I can't really find any more words right now.

Rest in Peace my friend.