The Soccer World Cup - Cape Town

Follower of this blog will be aware of the the Township photographic academy which I worked on with the NGO 'True North'

While we were there Katherine Holley and I made a short movie about the impact of the soccer world Cup coming to South Africa

The debate regarding the wisdom of spending millions of dollars on the Stadia and infrastructure in a country where too many people have very little, will carry on for many years to come.

But the fact remains that the World Cup coming to the African continent for the first time, where passion for the 'beautiful game' burns like no other, is important recognition for the whole of Africa as part of the world community and not as just a 'basket case' continent (Jonathan Dimbelby of the BBC is making a similar case now in his excellent new series 'An African journey with Jonathan Dimbelby')

The World Cup brings something else too


The hope to aspire, live and celebrate life itself no matter what ones background

Even in the poorest of South African township

But don't take my word for it

Listen to the of the 'Rainbow Chiefs' township childrens football team and their amazing coach Monray

The Rainbow Chiefs from drew gardner on Vimeo.

I could bang on about prime lenses, Canon 5D Mk2's, Canon 550D's and all the other stuff involved with this project and if there is enough interest I will, but I would rather just leave you with the voice's of some rather excited kids on the eve of the start of the World Cup.

And I don't even like soccer........