What I'm Listening to right now.....

I was lucky enough to get to see Natalie Merchant again at the Hammersmith Apollo last month

A great gig, by an intelligent Woman who in addition to being a superlative Singer and Songwriter, is interested in the wider world, history and photography too I suspect, as she spoke about both throughout the gig

She has a new album

 'Leave Your Sleep'

It is an Album of 19th and 20th Century American and British poetry put to music

A rather ambitious project to say the least

Yes, I thought that this could be a 'bridge too far' for Natalie Merchant, I was not sure just how she would pull it off

But she did, with panache

 It is a very good album, truly a skilfully woven tapestry of many genres

Here is a flavour of the Album, my favourite track 'The Man in the Wilderness'

Very beautiful, some great reviews too

Go treat yourself and get the album, you will not be disappointed