Rich immersive media we believe is the future of story telling. It is where multiple types of media are embedded onto a 360 ‘canvas’ inviting the viewer to explore the scene in more depth than ever before by clicking on various hotspots within the image that launch different medias such as conventional video, 360 video or a still image.

The Challenge

We were commissioned by Sports Illustrated to shoot the world’s most successful women’s rowing team, Team USA Women’s Eight during one of their training sessions for the exclusive Olympic edition.

The Solution

To give a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the team. To achieve this we shot a series of beautiful group stills shots which were the canvas for embedding 360 videos and conventional videos. The viewer is taken inside the boathouse where they can ‘meet’ each team member by clicking on hotspots and watching individual interviews about what it means to be in the team and how they got there. They are then transported onto the team’s boat where they experience first hand the team training. Using a multi camera rig with a specially constructed carbon fibre support minimising vibrations from the boat enabled us to place the viewer in an otherwise completely inaccessible place. Witnessing not only the team training but also a completely spontaneous moment when Coxswain Katelin Snyder gets the news that her fiancé and his team mates have been selected for the USA team rowing pairs at Rio. Creatively using a combination of these different mediums we were able to give a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the team.

 Click here to view the 360° interactive image

The portrait, which was being used for the Sports Illustrated magazine and as a lead-in image for the online article, features all of the women’s eight rowing team.

 Click here to view the full article and see how all three content pieces feature in the online article.

You can read about how this project came together in our recent behind the scenes blog post.

The 360° video, combined with the 360° interactive image, represent the future of storytelling. Creatively using a combination of these different mediums we were able to give a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the team. We really ‘pushed the boat out’ with this project; delivering something that simply cannot be achieved using traditional techniques.


360_flv_high_roof_FC copy.jpg


The Challenge

We were commissioned to shoot a 360 virtual tour of Paris's most recent museum the Fondation Louis Vuitton building. The virtual tour is part of LV's App 'Apprentice Architect'. The App is aimed at children encouraging them to explore the ground breaking building and to create their own Frank Gehry inspired designs. 

The Solution

Due to the complexity of the building the shoot required careful planning and post production. 

The project was shot on a high resolution DSLR using Zeiss optics mounted on a motorised head on a special telescopic stand allowing the viewer not only to see eye to eye with one of the high level window cleaners but also giving an unrivalled viewpoint of the building highlighting key architectural features.

360 Video PRODUCTION | New York Times Catalan Castellers

castellers_celebrate copy.jpg

The Challenge

We were commissioned by the New York Times to shoot the world famous Catalan Castellers or human towers as they competed at Vilafranca, close to Barcelona.

The Solution

This involved working closely with the organisers of the event and placing the cameras on a customised rig. This was pitched out from the balcony of the town hall enabling a ‘floating camera’ effect to film the Castellers de Vilafranca as they built one of the most difficult human towers that is possible to build. 

One of the videos from the series was featured in a Samsung advert screened during the 2017 Oscars ceremony.